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Fall 2011 ~ Spring 2012

✒ August 1st - First day of school - The start of the year! Don't forget to sign up for classes.

✒ Sept 16th - Homecoming/Sadie Hawkin's* - Homecoming and Sadie Hawkins are celebrated on the same day. Sadie Hawkin's is the time when girls ask the guys to the dance. And since this is homecoming, there may be other events planned besides a dance~

✒ October 31st - Halloween - The Court of Holidays is our sister island, decked out in full with Halloween decorations, ready for students to visit!

✒ November 18th - Mickey's Birthday! - School is not in session.

✒ December 19th - Jan 20th - Winter Break - School is not in session.

✒ December 24th - Christmas - Deck the halls!

✒ January 6th - Feast of Fools - Topsy Turvy Day!

✒ Feb 14th - Valentine's - Give Chocolate to your favorite guy or girl ;D

✒ April 16th- 20th - Spring Break - School is not in session.

✒ May 4th - Prom* - The final dance of the school year.

✒ May 18th - Last day of school - Summer break begins the week after.

*Please note: Only students who are 13 years older and up may attend the dances.

If you'd like to suggest an event or even run one, please apply using the form below.

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