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❦ Dorms

Teachers, as long as they are not needed for floor duty, can acquire houses off campus, if wanted... Just specify!

Staff rooms are in the darker blue! And only one staff member per floor is required.

❦ Joe West Hall

The bricks, as they call them, are older than the Hoover Hall Dorms. There are five floors in all. It has communal bath areas as well as communal kitchen areas. The communal kitchen areas are on floors one and four.

By the way, there are no elevators, just stairs. The bottom floor dedicated to community events. Each room typically accommodates two people and there are ten rooms on each floor, with four housing a staff member.

Girls and guys do not room in the same room, but can be on the same floor (however clerical errors can happen, if you find yourself stuck in the same room as someone of the opposite gender, PLEASE report it immediately!)**.

** If you'd like to get stuck with someone of the opposite gender in your room, notify the mods~ But be warned, Mickey disapproves of the Hanky Panky and if he figures out you two have been doing unDisney-like things while rooming together, you will both get suspensions and be separated. This basically means, KEEP IT OFF COMM. Mickey can see any and all hanky panky that takes place in disney_academy and dis_acdmy_log, anywhere else is free game

Joe West Hall Floor 2
201 Scar
202 Belle, Ariel
203 Fa Mulan, Kuzco
204 Meg
205 vacant
206 Alana
207 vacant
208 Hegla Sinclair
209 Jackie Chan
210 vacant

Joe West Hall Floor 3
301 Dimitri
302 Arista, Chel
303 vacant
304 Aqua
305 Ventus
306 Rameses
307 Kida
308 Elizabeth Swann
^ 308 Miss Bianca
309 Captain Teague
^ 309 vacant
310 vacant

Joe West Hall Floor 4
401 Lyle Rourke
402 Aladdin
403 Yuffie
404 Ray
405 Kairi, Riku
406 Dory
407 Jim Hawkins
408 John Silver
409 Milo Thatch
410 Mark Trent

Joe West Hall Floor 5
501 Elisa Maza
502 Jane Calvin, Lotso, Rapunzel
503 Astrid, Pooh
504 David Stutler
505 Hiccup
506 Danny Calvin
507 vacant
508 vacant
509 vacant
510 Drake Stone

Joe West Hall Miscellaneous
Roof Goliath, Angela
Hiccup's rafters Toothless

^ These are "mini-rooms." They are contained within the walls between the rooms they are between.
Each one has a door to the hallway and a private lift from the main floor.
They offer all the amenities of a room in Joe West but miniaturized, and have their own private bathrooms.
(Mickey takes care of his small staff members!)

❦ Hoover Hall

A more modern facility with an elevator. This includes suites with their own kitchenettes and bathrooms to each suite.

There is a choice of three, four, or five bedrooms. There are seven floors in total, the bottom two floors dedicated to community events and the housing offices.

There are six suites per floor, three of these are dedicated for a staff member to monitor our students.

Hoover Hall Floor 3
301 vacant
302 Jasmine
303 vacant
304 vacant
305 James Norrington
306 Lord Shen

Hoover Hall Floor 4
401 vacant
402 vacant
403 vacant
404 vacant
405 Lilo, Nani
406 Puck

Hoover Hall Floor 5
501 vacant
502 Axel, Roxas
503 vacant
504 vacant
505 vacant
506 vacant

Hoover Hall Floor 6
601 Selina, Phoebe, Luna
602 Lottie
603 vacant
604 Flynn Rider
605 Tulio, Miguel
606 Sinbad, Proteus

Hoover Hall Floor 7
701 Amelia
702 Seifer
703 Eric
704 Mozenrath
705 Claude Frollo
706 Esmeralda

Hoover Hall Roof
Roof Brooklyn

❦ Off Campus

Dr. Doppler
Dr. Facilier

❦ Stables

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