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❦ OOC// Ettiquette
How does this RP work?
This takes place in the Disney universe. There is an unexplained phenomenon affecting all corners of the globe, so Mickey is picking and choosing students who he believes has the ability to solve the problem. Your job is to train, learn in classes and graduate in order to rightly seize your destiny.

Posts can be Actions, Videos, and Voice broadcasts. Events affecting the entire school will take place when the mods announce, or when RPers suggest events. You will mostly stay on the island for the duration of your time here. Typically, you transfer or begin at the school and attend for eight years. Once you graduate, you can leave the school or become a teacher.

What community is _____ for?
Main - Most RP posts take place here. Quick logs like: actions, voice and video broadcasts on the network.

Log - Longer action posts, dream training, and journals.

OOC - Announcements, hiatus, slowatus.

Crack - Crazy OOC commentary, memes, fun things, etc.

How do I post a_____?
Action - This is being physically present and interacting with other characters. 'i.e. having a party.'

Voice - This is making an audio broadcast to the network. All other communicators receive transmissions unless marked [Private]. i.e. 'like talking on the phone'

Video - This is a video broadcast to the network. 'i.e. video phone convo'

Dream Training - Character has a dream induced by Dr. Facilier (bffsonotherside ) as a type of exposure therapy to help reduce the effects of the Black Mist upon them. See here to sign up, and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to contact bffsonotherside prior to jumping into training.

Journals - electronic journal posts that others post IC on. Works exactly like livejournal. Everyone can read it and reply IC.

What is the posting format of _____?
Please refer to this guide here!

What's a tag?
A tag is used in the subject of your post to indicate if it's done in person i.e. [Action] or if it's a video i.e. [Video]. Tags can also indicate if it's [Private] or [Private to 'Character'].

Can I be a Kingdom Hearts character?
Yes, though these applications will be judged with a bit more scrutiny than the average app due to complicated AU histories and its large cast.  Limit one Kingdom Hearts character per applicant.  See below for more information regarding KH AU histories.

Can I make original characters?
No. OC's are not allowed. with the vast and varied amount of Disney characters still out there, we'd love to see many many more characters before we consider letting OC's in.

Are Miyazaki characters allowed considering it's distributed by Disney?
We won't endorse it.... but we won't say no ;D

What about _________ character?
Okay, if they aren't any of the above mentioned and they aren't in a movie in this list or this list, then they probably are not allowed.

We only accept TV show characters who are from spin off from featured animated films.  Any others will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Disney Live-Action movies and TV shows are now a CASE by CASE basis, we have to approve it before you can play it.
Other exceptions include feature animated films that portray a Disney-like atmosphere such as: How to Train Your Dragon, Road to El Dorado, Anastasia, etc. Consult the mods if you wish to app any other possibilities.

I applied. How come I'm not accepted yet?
Mods take time to deliberate, or are busy with things. Be patient. If it's posted, we've probably seen it.

What's the difference between AU and Canon histories of my character?
Canon History is what happens in the movie or series. i.e. Events from the movie, Hercules. AU history is the history of the character in this RP, i.e. Hercules' past leading up to Disney Academy. Use this as a guideline: The character MUST fit into the Disney Academy Universe. They must be from one of the kingdoms, regions, cities in the RP, though Canon and AU histories can resemble each other.

Can I do something explicit/gory/controversial/NC-17?
If it has no business being on Disney films or series, it has no business being here. Cursing, horrible pasts, fights and regular conflict? Totally allowed. Rape, gore, pornography, explicit writing? No. There are varying degrees of each, of course. Use common sense, and if that fails, ask a mod to draw that 'common sense' line for you.

What if I can't post for some time/am going through a crisis?
You have our support. Wish you the best. JUST LET US KNOW. If you're going to be posting slower than usual, post on the OOC about it. If you're going on vacation, going through a huge project, post on the OOC that you're going to be on hiatus. If you're going through a crisis.... see the pattern here? Life happens. Just give us a heads up.

How do you do [insert something involving HTML]?
Right now we don't have an HTML guide(if there is enough request for one I may try to write one out. For now I can give you a few links to pages that are helpful to the average new comer:
Click for normal formatting stuff!
Click for the crack that is sparkle text.

Can I apply for multiple characters?
Yes. Limit four, unless the mods give permission. We'd prefer you to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Give yourself time to role play with each, otherwise people interacting with them will be left hanging.  Kingdom Hearts applicants may only apply for one character within that canon.

How do I deal with Kingdom Hearts histories?
Characters must fit into THIS Disney universe: There is one world, not multiple. (The only canon space locations or planets aside from this one are those in Treasure Planet). There are no heartless, only black mist and strangelings. There are no nobodies- everyone must be a whole person and must be physically born in this world. (Though, histories and circumstance can be tweaked so that nobodies are simply people affected by the black mist, unable to feel emotions. Tweaks like this are permissible and judged on a case by case basis). If you have any further questions regarding how Kingdom Hearts fits into Disney Academy, please contact reception_duck .

Am I allowed to thread crash?
ABSOLUTELY. Most of the time it's one on one interaction, but SO LONG AS ALL PARTIES AGREE then thread crashing is not only allowed, it's encouraged. Make sure to actually ASK both parties before crashing, whether by aim, ooc or crack com, unless you're POSITIVE they're okay with it.

Can I explore off campus?
Yes! Though keep most of your interactions on campus. Students are required to remain on the island however. Teachers, however, are not restrained. They can go off island and can even hold field trips, though the administration discourages too many trips to the ground, especially locations affected by the Black Mist.

❦ IC // Apping // Game questions

What are the Min/Max ages for teachers/students?
Teachers: Min is at least 20, there is no max.

Students: Min is at least 5 for humans, max is around 24.

This doesn't apply to animals who are, of course, never in the same age range as humans.

Ask a mod if you have special circumstances, or characters. We may allow it, depending on the situation.

Also, feel free to age down or age up any character to meet the age requirements :)

What if my character comes from a place that is currently covered by the mist? Can I still app them?
If your character canonly comes from a place that is covered by Mist in-game, you can still app them! Just make sure to explain that they were evacuated to a different place before coming to the Academy!

Am I allowed to have NPC characters?
Yes. Limit two, unless mods otherwise give the go. NPC characters are defined as a character or being who constantly accompanies the character (i.e. crickee, Racoon from Pocohontas, Khan- Mulan's horse, etc) as summons, companions, or advisers of sorts. Typically, they don't talk.

Can I apply as a teacher or/make a club?
Yes. Teachers can apply for any subject, so long as the mods give the thumbs up. Same for clubs. Both clubs and classes are self-run, meaning the teachers and students that run the clubs are responsible for running activities with them. Classes can be anything from 'How to overthrow a Dictator,' to 'How to rule a Kingdom' to 'Etiquette for a Princess' to 'Fencing' to 'Using Fire Magic' and 'Physical Education.'

❦ The Black Mist & Strangelings

What the mist/strangelings can and cannot do:
The mist cannot bring people back from the dead.

The mist cannot kill people directly. It's illusions may drive someone to hurt themselves or others, but it does not carry a knife and stab people.

The mist cannot be controlled.

The Strangelings cannot be captured.

The strangelings will tempt you towards them, no matter HOW frightening they are they will compel you to come closer.

The mist can pick and choose who it will take. It may leave one person alone, however steal everyone else. (This doesn't make it a good idea to go flying into the mist AT ALL)

If you choose to go into the mist anyway, THERE WILL BE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS. You cannot expect to come out of it unchanged.

The mist can change a person's memory. Most in the department of taking away a person's memory. However it isn't out of line to say that it could possibly change or add memories. Please run your plans by a mod before you do this. Most likely your ideas will be fine but we don't want something to happen that is so extreme that it would change a character's personality completely.

Communication electronics do not work in the mist. Navigational devices are disrupted as well, even something as simple as a compass. Electronics are not affected unless you are in an area of high density.

Your characters will be experiencing their greatest fears and nightmares while in the mist. The denser it is, the more your character will be affected.

Characters who have been on a lot of rescues or in dream training may not be as adversely affected, however if they FAILED in a rescue or in a dream training.... They will probably be more adversely affected.

The Mist/ Strangelings is based on a scientific Theory called "strange matter", this doesn't mean that they are one in the same, however if you would like to use these ideas in how your character is personally affected feel free.

People who are more adversely affected will be those who have more "ghosts" haunting them,they more susceptible to all the ill-effects of the mist. Hallucinations, hearing things, the works. :B

There are different densities to the mist. If you can see on the map, there are areas which are COMPLETELY BLACKED OUT and other areas which you can still see. The deeper you go into the mist the more adverse the affects on a person's mind will be.

What can I do against the mist?:

As of now, no one knows much of what to do against the mist because it is fear, you can't shoot fear, you can't control or contain fear, the best way for your character to handle the mist is to face their greatest fears over and over.

Whats the difference between the mist and strangelings and their effects on a person?
The mist: is the beat of the war drums before the soldiers come. It strikes fear into you, makes you cower, begins the trickling of fear.

The Strangelings: Are the true nightmare fuel

Which came first?
The mist came first, about a year ago at the end of the world, and then, soon after, strangelings began to appear. First there were news reports on people being ghosted away every few months by ghastly beings, then they became more and more common. Culminating in what we know as "Black Mist Events"

The physical affects on a person are the following:
Old wounds can be aggravated.
They may feel like they are physically some where else.
Any extreme wounds received in an illusion will appear as bruises on one body

The mist is not proceeded by any special type of weather, however when it does arrive, it is like being out on a dark foggy night.

Can the Mist or Strangelings infect things?
The mist can agitate things, as you can(or hopefully will) read, it can change memories, make fears and nightmares come alive, so people or even animals(EVEN THE NON-TALKING TYPE) can be made aggressive. At certain densities the black mist can infect anything which has been living with in it for an extended period of time with intense powers, however they will also be a sort of... Mist zombie. Not quite a strangeling, but certainly not "alive" in the way we think of it.

Uh, the effects of the mist on someone who is drunk will vary. It really depends on if you are an angry drunk, sleepy drunk, etc etc. 8|

Please post here or contact Naima (either PM Mickey or Aim her at billnaisciguy). She is the one who made up the mist, and currently she is the one who can give the most solid and "end of the line" answers regarding the mist. The other mods and players will have "best guesses" and in general they probably won't be too far off the mark, however you will probably want to check with Naima so there aren't inconsistencies.

If you have ANY further questions, please feel free to ask below! The mods will try and answer accordingly.

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