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❦ Application
Applications are CLOSED

Name: Give us your name or online alias here
Journal: The info for your real journal here
Contact Info: Give us your main contact info, for example AIM or Email work :)
Other Characters: Any other characters you play in the RP, if this is your first character just put n/a

Character Info
Name: Full name of desired character
Movie/series: Movie or series in which they appear
Year/Position: Be specific, our school runs from grade school to college level. :) So first year can count for MANY different levels.
Non-Speaking Animal Companion(if any): If your character has a non-speaking animal companion please list them here. This is specifically for characters like Khan, Meeko, and Flit. If you are applying for a disney princess who can sing and attract all the little woodland animals to your side, those do not count :)
Powers(if any): A description of your character's supernatural powers, if they do not have any, please write n/a.
Canon history: A brief history of the canon history of your character. You may link to an existing wiki page/info page on the web.
AU history: Please give us a history which fits into the context of this game. While this is a very very cracked up version of reality where Mulan can exist in the same time as Ariel, we would like an attempt to fit neatly within our world's confines.
Personality: The personality of your character. This is an important section, so please be sure to fill this out thoroughly. At least a few detailed paragraphs is suitable, since we expect that you really do your homework on your character. And take note, even though this is an AU game, please do not change the core personality of the character too much from Canon. We still want them to be recognizable to the average person.
Greatest Fear: This is meant to be an indepth study of your character's greatest fear. This cannot be generic or silly, but something very specific to your character's experiences and life.
What are you plans with this character?:This is a very plot based game with in-depth characters. While not every event or post has to be serious CR, the relationships and bonds you gain with others do play a key factor in the direction of your character. This doesn't have to be long or even seriously in-depth, but we want to see that you put some thought in your choice of who to app.

Third person writing sample: A sample of your writing style, in third person. This is in the format of a log post. This should be handled as if it is your character in the game and should be at least 300 words long. Use this as an opportunity to show off how your character thinks, their inner thought process, keep it dialogue light, please.
First person writing sample: This should be handled as first person prose, as if you were writing an entry into disney_academy , so action style. This should be about a paragraph long, at least around 9 sentences, handled as if you were in game. This will show us that you can capture the characters voice and how they actually speak.

Before you apply! REMEMBER:
✒ Remember to check your grammar and to check for typos!

✒ Please check your Canonmates AU histories so they will match up!

✒ Re-read the above info to make sure you apply correctly!

KINGDOM HEARTS CHARACTERS: be sure to read the FAQ entry regarding Kingdom Hearts AU histories, check up on your castmates' histories, and limit one KH character per applicant.  Note that Kingdom Hearts applications are judged with extra scrutiny due to closely entangled AU histories and their natural aversion to D_A canon.

✒ Make sure your character isn't taken or reserved!

✒ Please check the world map. If the area your character is from is covered by the Black Mist, they are going to need to have been evacuated, or migrated out of the area BEFORE the Black Mist came.

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